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    PhoneBrain, by the Phone-Paid Services Authority, gives you the facts about things you can pay for by phone and what you should watch out for online, so that you remain in control.

    Texts, games, apps, calls, liking, sharing, downloading ... let's be honest, we love it all. But in order to get the best experience, it helps to understand what’s going on - especially when it costs you money!

  • What does your phone cost?

    What does your phone cost?

    It's not just calls and texts you pay for through your phone. Find out about other ways you can use your phone to pay, and how to manage those costs.

  • Top tips

    Top tips

    Services and content on your phone are more fun when you know what you're getting and how much the costs are. Follow and remember our Top Tips.

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    Think you know about phone costs? Take our interactive quiz. Are you smarter than your smartphone?

Do you know what you are playing for with your mobile?

  • Under 7s

    Read the story of Tommy Tap-Tap and his Whizzy Fingers to find out what happens when he plays a phone game. Can you help Tommy save money and keep his piggybank's tummy full?