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    About PhoneBrain

    PhoneBrain is one-stop-shop to find out about phone-paid services for children, parents and teachers.

    PhoneBrain is the brain child of Phone-paid Services Authority the UK regulator for phone-paid services, and was created to educate young people about these services - including the costs involved and how to make use of them without getting charged more than expected.

Phone-paid services are content, digital goods and services on your phone bill. This includes everything from voting for your favourite contestant on a TV show to the money which is sometimes charged when you download or use an app on your smart phone. These phone-paid services are charged to your phone bill or account by calling or texting phone-paid services numbers.

Young people love phones and so that's why it's important to have all the information needed to feel confident when using them.

PhoneBrain offers free learning resources as well as an exciting annual competition to engage young people.

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    How to contact us at PhoneBrain, or your phone network providers.