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PhoneBrain is not intended to encourage children to use premium rate services

PhonepayPlus, the premium rate regulator, has developed this site as a means of informing and educating children about the safe and responsible use of premium rate services.

PhonepayPlus believes that all consumers should be able to use premium rate services with confidence. PhonepayPlus regulates premium rate services through its Code of Practice, which sets standards for the promotion, content and overall operation of these services, taking account of people (particularly children) who may be vulnerable.

PhoneBrain is not intended to encourage children to want or use mobile phones. The site is designed to deal with premium rate services across all technology platforms (TV, landline, computer and mobile). We recognise that many parents or guardians allow their children to have a mobile phone. However, who owns mobile phones, which networks they use and what services they use are decisions for those parents or guardians to make, not PhonepayPlus or PhoneBrain.

While PhonepayPlus will ensure that all content on this website is current, it cannot be held responsible for any problems arising from out-of-date or inaccurate information contained within this site. Please note that the site also offers links to other websites which are beyond the control of PhonepayPlus.

We provide these links for your convenience; we cannot accept responsibility for any errors, omissions or out-of-date content on linked sites.

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