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    Learning resources

    PhoneBrain provides teaching resources about digital content and services paid for by phone. Here, you'll find free, video-based, step-by-step lesson plans for the classroom or youth club.

    Our KS3 and KS4 resources for schools have been developed with teachers against the curriculum.

    Our youth club activity pack has been developed with our youth clubs partner, Ambition.

Why teach about phone payments?

The future is online, so teaching young people about the digital world is crucial, whether as part of a curriculum or in an extra-curricular context.

One key learning for young people is that not everything in digital space is free – some things cost money. This is increasingly the case when it comes to smart phone and mobile technology. As computers have entered our pockets, it has become easier to pay for goods and services using quick and simple mobile payments.

We know young people are confident and avid mobile users. But as people move from spending real cash in real shops to buying digital content in virtual spaces, it is important that the realities of being an online consumer a taught.

PhoneBrain is a national, award-winning programme offering free resources about digital content and services paid for on a phone bill or pre-pay phone credit. Using these services as an example, it feeds into key curriculum learning objectives across disciplines such as PSHE, Business studies and ICT.

  • Under 7s

    Read the story of Tommy Tap-Tap and his Whizzy Fingers to find out what happens when he plays a phone game. Can you help Tommy save money and keep his piggybank's tummy full?