PhoneBrain provides teaching resources about digital content and services paid for by phone. Here, you'll find free, video-based, step-by-step lesson plans for the classroom or youth club.

The teaching resource pack focuses on developing enterprise skills and learning about premium-rate numbers as a way of generating revenue. Students will consider phone-paid business ideas.

Lesson Objectives

  • To learn about the phone-paid services that can be paid for by charging the cost to a phone bill or pre-pay account.
  • To recognise that newer technologies, such as apps, also have charges.
  • To explore these services as an excellent case study for learning about business and enterprise, particularly at a time of rapid development and growth.
  • To develop understanding of business planning and considerations involved in bringing an enterprise to market.
  • To identify what you can do if you have a problem with a phone-paid service.
  • To learn how to identify which phone-paid services have risks and those which can be enjoyed with confidence.
  • To inspire and encourage and prepare students to submit entries to the PhoneBrain awards.


Both commercial and non-profit organisations alike are capitalising on these new technologies, finding new ways to generate revenues. Learning about phone-paid services is a great case study for learning about how new technology is driving enterprise and business.


This lesson plan can be used separately to, or in conjunction with, other PhoneBrain lesson plans. You may wish to combine this lesson plan as a project with the PhoneBrain ICT lesson resource in which students will explore and begin designing their ideas for a monetized smartphone app using wireframing. In addition, we have developed a PSHE lesson plan, which focuses on developing personal finance understanding and awareness of e-safety issues.


All PhoneBrain resources have been written and reviewed by teachers for teachers. We are especially thankful to Sarah Barley of South Hunsley School East Yorkshire for working with us to produce the resource. We would also like to thank all the teachers who have given us feedback and helped us produce the final lesson pack.