Top tips

    Top tips

    Services and content on your phone are more fun when you know what you're getting and how much the costs are. Follow and remember our top tips below.

  • Key pad

    Do: know your numbers

    Phone-paid service numbers are:

    • 070 numbers
    • 0870/0871/0872 and 0873 numbers
    • 09 numbers
    • 118 numbers
    • Sometimes used by apps as a way to pay for things
  • Look for a price

    Do: look for the price

    Promotions need to make clear the costs involved before you call or text a phone-paid services number. Don't forget your phone network may add their own cost on top, so check these costs with them.

  • Bill

    Don't: ignore your phone bill or phone credit

    Top up with credit? Check with your phone network what you're spending and on which numbers.

    Pay by bill? Don't just throw your phone bill in the bin or delete it from your inbox. Check the charges you see on your bill. If you see anything strange, question it.

  • Unknown numbers

    Do: look up numbers you don’t recognise

    If there’s a charge on your bill you are unsure about, check with your phone network what the phone number is. If it’s a phone-paid services number you can look up who it belongs to by using Phone-paid Services Authority' Number Checker.

  • Leave a service

    Do: find out how you can leave a service

    If you’ve signed up for a text service that is charging your phone bill or phone credit regularly, the text message should indicate how you cancel your subscription. If it doesn’t and you wish to cancel the service, reply “STOP” to the number charging you. If this doesn’t work, contact the Phone-paid Services Authority.

  • Hide your number

    Don’t: type your phone number into websites - unless you know how it will be used

    Unless you’re on a website that clearly tells you how your phone number and other personal information will be used, don’t give out your phone number.

  • Browsers

    Do: watch what you click on

    Online promotions for services paid for by phone are everywhere – sometimes we’re so busy clicking, we don’t always realise what we’re agreeing to. Have a look at What should I watch out for?.

  • Bill payer

    Do: check with the bill payer

    Don’t pay the bill yourself? Using somebody else's phone? Ask the bill payer before doing anything, especially before downloading apps, buying something online or calling or texting numbers.

  • Downloading apps

    Don't: rush when downloading apps

    You might really want to start playing that game or using that app – but wait! Read the "permissions" and the reviews others have written about the app. Also, it's always best to download apps from the main, trusted app stores, like Google Play, Apple App Store and Microsoft Store.

  • Question marks

    Do: seek advice or help if you need to

    Got a problem with a service charging you money on your phone bill or credit?

    Worried about charges on your phone bill? You should always speak to a parent/ guardian or teacher if you have any concerns. If you need more advice, see Need Help

  • What should I watch out for?

    Most things in life cost something. So while the web is mostly free, many websites make money from signing you up to products, services and digital goods.