Do you play games on phones?

Did you know that when you tap something in a game, it’s not always free! You might be spending REAL money.

Read the story of Tommy Tap-Tap and his Whizzy Fingers to find out what happens when he plays a phone game. Can you help Tommy save money and keep his piggybank’s tummy full?

  • Tommy Tap-Tap

    Tommy Tap-Tap loves to play on the phone.

    His quick fingers slide and tap.

    Are your fingers as quick as Tommy’s?

    His fingers whizz and whizz.

    He beats back all the bad bots.

  • Tommy Tap-Tap playing games

    But here comes the meanest, biggest bad bot of all.

    Tommy needs a special shield to beat him.

    Tommy is worried. If he can’t find the shield, he will lose the game.

  • Shield

    A shield pops up on his phone screen. There’s a button to tap. There’s a message with a pound sign next to the shield.

    What should Tommy do?

    (Hover over the answers to find out which one is correct)

    1. Click on the shield and beat the bad bot?
    2. Whizz his fingers up and down the screen?
    3. Ask mum and dad because there’s a pence sign – a pence or a pound sign could mean the shield costs money?
  • Tommy Tap-Tap shouting

    Tommy taps taps taps his finger on his head. He is thinking. Now he has the answer. He yells out.

    “Muuuuuuummmmmm!! Daddddddddddd! Quick! The bad bot is coming and I need the shield. Can I tap on the shield? Please. Please. Please!”

  • Tommy Tap-Tap's dad

    Daddy Tap-Tap pops his head over Tommy’s shoulder. Daddy Tap-Tap looks at the screen and thinks for a moment.

    Daddy Tap-Tap says “Tommy, you are a whizz. You did the right thing to ask. Tommy, the shield costs 50p. You have 50p pocket money left. You can buy the shield or you can buy a yummy-scrummy cake. Which one do you want?”

  • Cake or shield

    Tommy has to think again. He taps, taps, taps on his head. He needs the shield to beat the big bad bot. But yummy-scrummy cakes are scrummy and yummy and make his tummy happy.

    Which one would you chose?

    1. The shield
    2. The yummy-scrummy cake
  • Tommy Tap-Tap's happy playing his game

    Tommy grins. He has made his choice. His whizzy fingers go tap-tap-tap on the screen. Tommy grins and grins. Tommy chose the shield. And he beats the big bad bot.

    But now his tummy rumbles. Sorry Tommy. There’s no money left for the yummy-scrummy cake.

    Phones are fun. But tapping and clicking can cost money. So think and ask before you tap or click on buttons you don’t know.

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